Taia Handlin

TAIA_HANDLIN_HSI am a fabulous Portland native, writing and producing in New York City. I received my BA in Gender Studies from Whitman College, a small liberal arts school nestled amid the onions and rain of Walla Walla, Washington. I’m now an MA student at the New School for Social Research’s Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism program. You can find my work at BTRtoday.com, BUST.com, Ravishly.com and Leafly.com.

I also hosted and produced the sex and relationships podcast Juicy Bits, for a hot second. A hot, juicy second.

My writing interests include intersectional feminist politics, sex and dating, and bizarre human interest stories. I’ve also been known to write plays about space and aliens. I’m available for freelance work so hit a lady up. If you wanna support my work and you wanna read more about Rick and Morty parody porn or Easter-themed edibles, I will happily take your hard-earned dollars @taia-handlin on Venmo. I’m wearing a cute hat in my photo. I wasn’t the first Taia on there. But I’m the one that counts.